Smoke Damage Restoration

It is very important to initiate a rapid response after the flames are out. Without it, smoke/odours will become very hard to eliminate, and without the proper methods, they can linger indefinitely. Disaster Services Calgary understands how to eliminate smoke/odour damage that permeates every area of your home or business. We will put a certified remediation technician on every job to quickly and successfully return your home to its pre-loss condition.

There are four basic deodorization principles that any good restoration firm must consider on any smoke/odour damage situation.

  1. First, all effort must be made to remove the source of the odour i.e. unsalvageable debris like burnt char which contributes significantly to odour generation.
  2. Second, cleaning is basic to deodorization therefore, physical removal of malodorous residue through cleaning is essential if odour is to be reduced rapidly and permanently.
  3. Third, technicians should seek to recreate the conditions of the odour penetration with an appropriate odour counteractant. This can be accomplished through direct application of deodorants by spraying, or by generating a deodorizing fog or gas (thermal fogging) that will seek out and combine with the malodour, thereby neutralizing it.
  4. Finally, seal salvageable surfaces that are inaccessible, scorched, discoloured or slightly charred. This is done primarily to encapsulate odour and prevent progressive recontamination.

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