Fire Damage Restoration

A fire loss can be a very catastrophic and tragic event to any home or business owner. It is important to have an experienced restoration company on your side, to not only preserve, protect, and secure your property from further damage, but to also clean-up and get you back on track in as minimal time as possible- DSC is that company.

Our certified technicians have extensive knowledge in dealing with all types of fire damage. We are experts in the areas of:

  • Smoke damage restoration
  • Fire damage restoration
  • Soot damage
  • Content restoration
  • Containment services

Disaster Services Calgary works with all insurance companies, and, if for some reason your claim is not covered, we can provide you with a free estimate and the best pricing in the industry.

Why is quick response critical?

Rapid response is critical because of the ongoing damage from the water used to suppress the fire, soot particles and oxides of nitrogen produced by burning organic compounds. The following damage takes place after the flames are put out:

Within Minutes...

Water from the fire suppression spreads to the unaffected areas. Moisture sensitive furniture turns white, paper goods and paintings are ruined and acid soot residues causes discolouration of plastic surfaces.

Within Hours...

Furniture in direct contact with water swells, legs begin to split, panelling warp and bacterial odour becomes apparent. Acid soot residue causes grout to stain, fibreglass bath fixtures to yellow, metals tarnish, counter tops yellow, and appliances yellow especially refrigerators extending above the head line.

Within Days...

Metal surfaces begin to rust, doors and window casing swell and distort, electronic components malfunction and persons with asthma experience respiratory distress. Acidic soot residue causes painted walls to yellow permanently, metal corrodes and pits, wood furniture requires refinishing, clothing becomes permanently soot stained, and drapery and upholstery fabric become permanently stained.

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